Neo Ancestral Tattoo Book

Mixing pictural Art (mostly pré hispanic)

Full color or Black work

And Rhythmical Tribal tattoo

COLOR Tattoo Work

Color Designs Available

BLACK Work Work

Codex Day Sign Designs

In the ancient Aztec culture, days were represented with these 20 symbols.

All have a special meaning from the symbolism they come from, and can be associated with the idea you want to express with your tattoo.

This is my latest day sign flashboard, with minimalistic style.

Back Pieces Designs

Rhythmical Tribal Work

Rhythmical Tribal Designs

This style i invented, represents the way higher spirits or Gods, are synchronized on the high frequencies when they appear in visions to show you sacred knowledge or rituals.

Here are some body pieces ideas showing how you can place it and use it to activate/embellish some part of your body .

This is my favorite looking style and always freehand them, so the process is really enjoyable too.